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Sign making Women's March 2020

GETTING READY TO PARTICIPATE IN THE WOMEN'S MARCH 2020. LWV Chicago members work on signs to show their support.

Anne Jamieson

Anne Jamieson came to recognize the importance of voting and voting rights early on. One of her first memories, she recalls, “was when my mother took me to vote with her and on the way back home told me stories about the suffragists.”

Annie Logue

League President Annie Logue has resigned her position. Take a look back at the many successes made possible through her hard work.

State of the City attendees

With sadness, LWV Chicago bids farewell to Nancy Brandt, who died on Sunday, December 8. We look back at this Leaguer's powerful legacy.

Finance Report

City budget looks to Springfield, but the General Assembly blinks. TIFs look to neighborhoods. 

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