President's Message

President's Message

Photo of Woman with the bear at the State of California Capital


Your Board is trying to adapt to a no-meetings world! We have regretfully cancelled two General meetings, one about climate change and one about behavioral health in North County. We are trying to figure out how we will do Pros and Cons and Candidate and Issues Forums during the remnants of a pandemic (we hope!). We had a successful Annual Meeting via Zoom so we decided to try again with a webinar on Food Waste in North County. With each one we are becoming more confident.

We continue to try to stay on top of the various issues that arise. You have been invited in one of our Monday morning eblasts to tune into your own city council video conference meetings and to let us know if there is anything happening that you feel the League needs to note and respond to. I hope that some of you are doing that very thing and learning a lot about what is going on in your own city.

I also hope that all of you and your family and friends are being very conscientious about isolating themselves, being careful when needing to leave your home, and generally following good advice.